Hi Allen,

I saw your talk with Tom Holden and Janice. I really enjoyed it. I was curious as to why Chicago only has 4 boxing clubs (if I heard correctly). There is definitely a south American boxing culture. Is there a Latino population in the city? I come from a boxing city - Belfast. I did a search for local boxing clubs and discovered 7 of them. The inner city has an official population of 380,000 and a metropolitan population of around 700,000. So much smaller than Chicago's 2.7m. We haven't had many heavy weight champions but there have been several light weight. It is very much a working class sport and the clubs are in the poorer parts of the city. It is certainly seen as a way for young men to achieve something in areas of high unemployment.

Why there have been no successes at heavier categories, I don't know, but that's a different topic.

I look forward to reading more.

BTW: George Bernard Shaw was Irish. Tsk, tsk, to be sure!

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